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The information contained in this report is obtained from MDEQ's enSite (electronic environmental Site Information System) System used by the Office of Pollution Control's Air Division, Environmental Permits Division and Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Division, and the Office of Geology's Mining and Reclamation Division. The purpose of the system is to support permitting and compliance activities of the Department of Environmental Quality. Regulatory programs that are supported by this database are the Surface Water National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Program; the Air Title V, Construction and Operating Programs; the Solid and Hazardous Waste Programs; Geology Surface Mining and Reclamation Division; and the Waste Tire Program (the UST program is currently not supported). There are other regulatory programs within the Department that do not currently utilize this database including programs managed by the Office of Land and Water, and the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Program.

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Notification FormAgency Interest NameActivity TypeCityCountyStart Date
click for document 1541 West Capitol StreetDemolitionJacksonHinds01/31/2017
click for document Abandoned Soule Chapel ChurchDemolitionLauderdaleLauderdale02/16/2017
click for document Apartment Building renovationRenovationMcCombPike03/10/2017
click for document Barton United Methodist ChurchDemolitionByhaliaMarshall03/20/2017
click for document Batesville MillsDemolitionBatesvillePanola04/24/2017
click for document Bolivar Medical CenterRenovationClevelandBolivar04/03/2017
click for document Building 207 Barracks NAS MeridianDemolitionMeridianLauderdale01/30/2017
click for document Camp Shelby BuildingsRenovationCamp ShelbyForrest03/11/2017
click for document Canopy Children's Solutions - Buildings 1801 & 1900RenovationJacksonHinds03/30/2017
click for document Canton Vacant Night Club demolitionDemolitionCantonMadison02/06/2017
click for document Chevron USA Inc, Chevron Products Company, Pascagoula RefineryRenovationPascagoulaJackson03/15/2017
click for document Columbia High School Band HallRenovationColumbiaMarion04/04/2017
click for document Columbia Primary SchoolRenovationColumbiaMarion04/04/2017
click for document Columbus Municipal School District Fairview Elementary SchoolRenovationColumbusLowndes03/23/2017
click for document DOL Warehouse, JacksonRenovationJacksonHinds03/27/2017
click for document Debbie Smith Green residenceDemolitionJacksonHinds03/30/2017
click for document Dilapidated Home demoDemolitionJacksonHinds02/23/2017
click for document Dilapidated commercial structureOrdered DemolitionLaurelJones02/20/2017
click for document Dollar General #18241DemolitionCorinthAlcorn03/09/2017
click for document Eastgate SubdivisionRenovationClevelandBolivar03/26/2017
click for document Eastgate SubdivisionRenovationClevelandBolivar04/02/2017
click for document Eastgate SubdivisionRenovationClevelandBolivar02/09/2017
click for document Eastgate SubdivisionRenovationClevelandBolivar03/06/2017
click for document Eastgate SubdivisionRenovationClevelandBolivar03/30/2017
click for document Eastgate SubdivisionRenovationClevelandBolivar03/22/2017
click for document Eastgate Subdivision projectDemolitionClevelandBolivar03/17/2017
click for document Eastgate Subdivision projectRenovationClevelandBolivar04/17/2017
click for document Entergy Substation ResidenceDemolitionMcCombPike04/04/2017
click for document Fieldcrest ApartmentsRenovationWaynesboroWayne01/30/2017
click for document First Baptist of Raymond - Choir RoomRenovationJacksonHinds03/03/2017
click for document Greenbrough Nursing CenterRenovationClarksdaleCoahoma01/31/2017
click for document Greenville Life HelpRenovationGreenvilleWashington03/01/2017
click for document Greenville Life HelpRenovationGreenvilleWashington03/28/2017
click for document Grenada High SchoolRenovationGrenadaGrenada03/10/2017
click for document Grenada National Guard BuildingRenovationGrenadaGrenada02/14/2017
click for document Gulf South Pipeline Company LP, Petal Pipeline StationEmergency RenovationPetalForrest03/16/2017
click for document Hinds Community CollegeRenovationRaymondHinds04/14/2017
click for document Hinds Community CollegeRenovationRaymondHinds04/14/2017
click for document Holmes Community CollegeRenovationGoodmanHolmes03/10/2017
click for document JSU Housing ProjectDemolitionJacksonHinds02/28/2017
click for document JSU Housing ProjectDemolitionJacksonHinds02/28/2017
click for document JSU Housing ProjectDemolitionJacksonHinds02/28/2017
click for document JSU Housing ProjectDemolitionJacksonHinds02/28/2017
click for document JSU Housing ProjectDemolitionJacksonHinds02/28/2017
click for document JSU Housing ProjectDemolitionJacksonHinds02/28/2017
click for document JSU Housing ProjectDemolitionJacksonHinds02/28/2017
click for document Jesse L. Smiley residenceDemolitionJacksonHinds04/07/2017
click for document John C Stennis Space CenterDemolitionStennis Space CenterHancock02/20/2017
click for document John C Stennis Space CenterDemolitionStennis Space CenterHancock02/27/2017
click for document Keesler Air Force BaseRenovationKeesler Air Force BaseHarrison03/20/2017
click for document Keesler Air Force BaseRenovationKeesler Air Force BaseHarrison04/20/2017
click for document Keesler Air Force BaseRenovationKeesler Air Force BaseHarrison04/17/2017
click for document Keesler Air Force BaseRenovationKeesler Air Force BaseHarrison02/16/2017
click for document Kirby Building Systems Mississippi LLCRenovationStarkvilleOktibbeha03/31/2017
click for document Kroger Number 0950 025RenovationGreenvilleWashington02/01/2017
click for document Lakeside Naval Support FacilityRenovationPascagoulaJackson04/11/2017
click for document Leake County CourthouseRenovationCarthageLeake04/11/2017
click for document Lincoln Plaza Shopping CenterRenovationBrookhavenLincoln03/20/2017
click for document MDOT Service Road 4 - Holly SpringsOrdered DemolitionHolly SpringsMarshall03/22/2017
click for document MS Power Demo ProjectDemolitionBaileyLauderdale01/30/2017
click for document MS State Hospital - Building 52DemolitionPearlRankin03/07/2017
click for document Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (OOB)RenovationPerkinstonStone04/20/2017
click for document Mississippi Power Company, Plant Jack WatsonRenovationGulfportHarrison03/06/2017
click for document Mississippi Regional Housing Authority projectRenovationRichtonPerry04/12/2017
click for document Mize Attendance CenterDemolitionMizeSmith04/14/2017
click for document Mount Zion Baptist ChurchDemolitionColumbusLowndes03/08/2017
click for document Multiple William Carey vacant buildingsEmergency RenovationHattiesburgForrest02/03/2017
click for document New Horizon Church (Old Big Lots)RenovationJacksonHinds02/15/2017
click for document Newton Housing ApartmentsDemolitionNewtonNewton03/13/2017
click for document Newton Housing ApartmentsRenovationNewtonNewton02/18/2017
click for document North Mississippi Medical CenterRenovationTupeloLee04/07/2017
click for document Northland Village ApartmentsRenovationGreenvilleWashington04/21/2017
click for document Northwest Mississippi Community CollegeRenovationSenatobiaTate03/20/2017
click for document O'Reilly Auto PartsDemolitionGulfportHarrison04/03/2017
click for document Old Sunflower Food StoreRenovationKosciuskoAttala04/17/2017
click for document Pearl River LibraryOrdered DemolitionPicayunePearl River02/08/2017
click for document Pursue Energy Corporation, Thomasville Gas Plant (OOB)DemolitionBrandonRankin02/06/2017
click for document Quality Custom CartsDemolitionBay St. LouisHancock04/12/2017
click for document Residential home demolitionDemolitionJacksonHinds01/31/2017
click for document Residential home demolitionDemolitionHattiesburgForrest04/07/2017
click for document South Central Regional Medical CenterRenovationLaurelJones02/27/2017
click for document St. Francis ChurchRenovationBrookhavenLincoln02/14/2017
click for document Sweet Water United Methodist ChurchDemolitionWessonCopiah02/27/2017
click for document Tunica School District Rosa Fort High SchoolRenovationTunicaTunica01/31/2017
click for document Tupelo Housing Authority OfficeRenovationTupeloLee04/20/2017
click for document Turner CenterRenovationUniversityLafayette03/27/2017
click for document US Department of Veterans Affairs Medical CenterRenovationJacksonHinds03/22/2017
click for document USA FabricsDemolitionQuitmanClarke02/20/2017
click for document University of MS - Union RenovationsRenovationOxfordLafayette02/15/2017
click for document University of MississippiRenovationUniversityLafayette03/07/2017
click for document University of MississippiRenovationUniversityLafayette02/01/2017
click for document University of Mississippi Medical CenterRenovationJacksonHinds02/04/2017
click for document University of Mississippi Medical CenterRenovationJacksonHinds04/01/2017
click for document VA Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care SystemsRenovationBiloxiHarrison04/25/2017
click for document Vacant Car LotRenovationTupeloLee02/13/2017
click for document Vacant CourthouseRenovationHolmesvillePike02/08/2017
click for document Vacant First Christian ChurchDemolitionGulfportHarrison03/15/2017
click for document Vacant Fred's Department StoreRenovationGulfportHarrison03/15/2017
click for document Vacant Idle Hour demoDemolitionHattiesburgForrest03/08/2017
click for document Vacant Labor Finders OfficeRenovationJacksonHinds02/01/2017
click for document Vacant Residence at Hartfield AcademyDemolitionFlowoodRankin04/17/2017
click for document Vacant Residential homeDemolitionJacksonHinds03/10/2017
click for document Vacant Westside SchoolDemolitionWest PointClay04/03/2017
click for document Vacant home demolitionDemolitionJacksonHinds03/24/2017
click for document Vacant home demolitionDemolitionJacksonHinds03/17/2017
click for document Vacant home demolitionDemolitionJacksonHinds04/05/2017
click for document Vacant home demolitionDemolitionJacksonHinds03/27/2017
click for document Vacant home demolitionDemolitionJacksonHinds03/16/2017
click for document Vacant retail store demolitionDemolitionBrandonRankin03/17/2017
click for document Vacant shop demolitionDemolitionWaynesboroWayne03/08/2017
click for document Vacant single family homesDemolitionTupeloLee02/10/2017
click for document Vicksburg Waste Water Treatment PlantRenovationVicksburgWarren04/18/2017
click for document W L Burle Engineers PA, Delta Electric Power AssociationRenovationGreenwoodLeflore02/14/2017
click for document Waste Management of Mississippi Inc, Prairie Bluff Landfill and Recycling CenterDemolitionHoustonChickasaw02/14/2017
click for document Water Valley Housing Authority - Rolling Hills ComplexRenovationWater ValleyYalobusha03/06/2017
click for document Wayne County School DistrictRenovationWaynesboroWayne02/10/2017
click for document West Jasper GymnasiumDemolitionBay SpringsJasper04/24/2017
click for document William Washington residenceDemolitionJacksonHinds03/31/2017

4/28/2017 5:04:42 AM

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