General Information

AI ID Branch SIC County Basin Start End
57728 NONE SELECTED Hinds Big Black River 05/15/2012

Physical and Mailing Address

Physical Address (Primary) Mailing Address
3165 A Robinson Road
Jackson, MS 39209
1234 Scot Glen
Jackson, MS 39204

Permits and Alternate/Historic AI Identifiers

AI ID Alt Name Alt Type Start Date End Date
WTH-693 Derek Smith dba Nex-Level Detail SolidWaste-Waste Tire Hauler 06/14/2012 06/30/2013
WTH-811 Next Level Pro Detail/Tire Repair, LLC SolidWaste-Waste Tire Hauler 05/31/2022 06/30/2023

Office of Pollution Control Contacts

Name Assignment Phone Number

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