General Information

AI ID Branch SIC County Basin Start End
83 Air 1
Haz Waste
Water 1
2899 Hancock Pearl River 03/06/1998

Physical and Mailing Address

Physical Address (Primary) Mailing Address
Port Bienville Industrial Park, Road D
Pearlington, MS 39572
3080 Port and Harbor Drive
Bay St. Louis, MS 39520

Permits and Alternate/Historic AI Identifiers

AI ID Alt Name Alt Type Start Date End Date
100000042 Polychemie, Inc. Air-Construction 06/19/1998
100000042 Polychemie, Inc. Air-Synthetic Minor Operating 06/19/1998 12/31/2004
100000042 Polychemie, Inc. Air-Synthetic Minor Operating 07/17/2003 06/30/2008
100000042 Polychemie Inc Air-Synthetic Minor Operating 09/04/2008 08/06/2013
100000042 Polychemie Inc Air-Synthetic Minor Operating 08/06/2013 07/31/2018
100000042 Polychemie Inc Air-Synthetic Minor Operating 05/14/2019 04/30/2024
MSR110156 Polychemie, Inc. GP-Baseline 01/29/2001 01/25/2006
MSR110156 Polychemie, Inc. GP-Baseline 01/25/2006 01/26/2011
MSR110156 Polychemie, Inc. GP-Baseline 01/26/2011 08/31/2011
MSR101051 Polychemie, Inc. GP-Construction 03/06/1998 03/27/2005
MSR110156 Polychemie, Inc. GP-Sara Title III 08/17/1998 01/29/2001
MSR000005033 Polychemie, Inc. Hazardous Waste-EPA ID 10/12/2000
WQC1998006 Polychemie Inc WQC Number 01/20/1998
MS0054127 Polychemie, Inc. Water-NPDES 06/19/1998 06/16/2003
MS0054127 Polychemie, Inc. Water-NPDES 08/25/2003 07/31/2008
MS0054127 Polychemie Inc Water-NPDES 09/04/2008 08/06/2013
MS0054127 Polychemie Inc Water-NPDES 08/06/2013 07/31/2018
MS0054127 Polychemie Inc Water-NPDES 04/04/2019 03/31/2024

Office of Pollution Control Contacts

Name Assignment Phone Number
42387 Hardy, Tyler (601) 961-5685
52295 McNamara, Joe (601) 961-5084
39979 Bland, Jeffrey (601) 961-5112
42390 James, Laura (601) 961-5675
25113 Caron, Krista (601) 961-5719
40524 Beasley, Danny (601) 961-5356
55418 Patterson, Cutter (601) 961-5322
22380 Tomkins, Tracy (601) 961-5622
27234 Patel, Samar (601) 961-5331

Active Permits Available Online

Permit Type Permit Number Issue Date Permit Document
Air - SMOP Modification 1000-00042 1418917 click for document
Water - NPDES Renewal MS0054127 1352345 click for document

Current Status of Individual Permit Applications

Program Permit Type Permit Number Status Date Status Desc.
Air Construction Permit 100000042 06/19/1998 Permit Issued
Air SMOP Modification 1000-00042 05/06/2020 Permit Issued
Water NPDES Renewal MS0054127 04/04/2019 Permit Issued

Current Status of General Permit Applications

Program Permit Type Permit Number Status Date Status Desc. PDF
General Permit Baseline Recoverage MSR110156 08/31/2011 Coverage Terminated click for document
General Permit Construction Coverage MSR101051 03/06/1998 Coverage Issued
General Permit Sara III Coverage MSR110156 01/29/2001 Coverage Terminated

Current Status of Water Quality Certification

Program Type Cert No. Status Date Status Desc
Water Quality 401 Certification WQC1998006 03/04/1998 Water Quality Certification Issued

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