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Notification Form Agency Interest Name Activity Type City County Project Start Date
click for document Allen or Willie Henry Renovation Caledonia Lowndes 01/09/2023
click for document Angelina Novakov Renovation Picayune Pearl River 12/30/2022
click for document Artie Bibbs Renovation Winona Montgomery 12/22/2022
click for document Benny or Shelia Holmes Renovation Bassfield Jefferson Davis 12/30/2022
click for document Billy or Linda Jimson Renovation Greenville Washington 12/29/2022
click for document Bird Hakeem Renovation Leland Washington 12/30/2022
click for document Callie or Rob Thompson Renovation Mantachie Itawamba 02/15/2023
click for document Carol or Pat Williams Renovation Columbus Lowndes 01/02/2023
click for document Charles and Sarah Fair Renovation Jackson Hinds 02/18/2023
click for document Daisy Troutman Renovation Laurel Jones 01/10/2023
click for document Darline Turner Renovation Jackson Hinds 02/15/2023
click for document Dietres or Ebenezer Codjoe Renovation Jackson Hinds 01/05/2023
click for document Fannie Byrd Renovation Greenville Washington 01/02/2023
click for document Florida Jackson Renovation Batesville Panola 12/22/2022
click for document Griselda Taylor Renovation Picayune Pearl River 12/27/2022
click for document Harrel Tucker Renovation Red Banks Marshall 01/30/2023
click for document Jeff & Bernadette Alway Renovation Laurel Jones 02/07/2023
click for document Jerry or Lola Vaughn Renovation Mount Olive Covington 02/13/2023
click for document Jocelyn Oatis Renovation Prentiss Jefferson Davis 02/08/2023
click for document John or Cindy Boswell Renovation Laurel Jones 01/04/2023
click for document Johnny or Ethal Stewart Renovation Columbus Lowndes 01/04/2023
click for document Kelley Callihan Renovation Hernando Desoto 02/21/2023
click for document Kenneth or Loretta Body Renovation Grenada Grenada 01/09/2023
click for document Lance Bartee Renovation Meridian Lauderdale 01/31/2023
click for document Linda or Henry Pittman Renovation Foxworth Marion 02/24/2023
click for document Lucy Roberts Renovation Laurel Jones 12/30/2022
click for document Lura Suber Renovation Greenville Washington 02/15/2023
click for document Melanie or Bobby Sones Renovation Port Gibson Claiborne 12/22/2022
click for document Michael or Wondrietta Crockett Renovation Greenwood Leflore 12/28/2022
click for document National Park Service Renovation Tupelo Lee 03/13/2023
click for document Philip & Tonya Thrower Renovation Laurel Jones 02/13/2023
click for document Ray Stichum Renovation Mound Bayou Bolivar 01/04/2023
click for document Raymond DeDual Renovation Biloxi Harrison 12/29/2022
click for document Robert or Yolanda Hays Renovation Jackson Hinds 02/16/2023
click for document Ruthie Finklea Renovation Forest Scott 02/18/2023
click for document Sanders or Pamela Vaughn Renovation Columbus Lowndes 01/09/2023
click for document Shronda or Jeffery Davis Renovation Greenville Washington 12/31/2022
click for document Stephanie Sowell Renovation Ocean Springs Jackson 02/09/2023
click for document Stevie Robinson Renovation Prairie Monroe 02/08/2023
click for document Toni Hall Renovation Coldwater Tate 01/26/2023
click for document Tunja Felts Renovation Hattiesburg Forrest 12/26/2022
click for document Yulanda Lewis Renovation Columbus Lowndes 01/02/2023

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