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Notification Form Agency Interest Name Activity Type City County Project Start Date
click for document Ansleyene Williams Renovation Gulfport Harrison 03/26/2021
click for document Arlene Fisher Residence Renovation Picayune Pearl River 05/10/2021
click for document Breakthrough Community Services, Inc Renovation Hattiesburg Forrest 03/24/2021
click for document Brenda Clayton Renovation Nettleton Monroe 04/19/2021
click for document Brenda Moore Renovation Greenwood Leflore 04/14/2021
click for document Brooklyn Hamm Renovation Dennis Tishomingo 06/01/2021
click for document Charles or Domonique Harris Renovation Winona Montgomery 05/14/2021
click for document Connie or Quincy Griffin Renovation Jackson Hinds 04/23/2021
click for document Edis or Jasper Booker Renovation Grenada Grenada 04/13/2021
click for document Gregory Dunbar Residence Renovation Hattiesburg Forrest 05/12/2021
click for document Habitat for Humanities Renovation Jackson Hinds 04/08/2021
Habitat for Humanity MS Capital Area Renovation Jackson Hinds 04/19/2021
click for document Habitat for Humanity Mississippi Capital Area Renovation Jackson Hinds 04/19/2021
click for document Indiana Manor Apartments Renovation Charleston Tallahatchie 04/12/2021
click for document Jamie Larson Renovation Gulfport Harrison 04/16/2021
click for document Jason Martin Renovation Tupelo Lee 04/13/2021
click for document Jonathon or Allison Moore Residence Renovation Grenada Grenada 04/19/2021
click for document Joshua Finnan Renovation Ocean Springs Jackson 03/31/2021
click for document Merry Savory Renovation Gulfport Harrison 06/08/2021
click for document Nancy Gladney Renovation Greenville Washington 05/26/2021
click for document Naomi Smith Residence Renovation Vicksburg Warren 05/05/2021
click for document Patricia or Ali Lopez Renovation Brookhaven Lincoln 04/17/2021
click for document Residence Renovation Richton Perry 05/12/2021
click for document Rhonda Jordan Renovation Hiwannee Wayne 04/26/2021
click for document Sharhonda Jordan or Clell Ward Renovation Greenwood Leflore 06/10/2021
click for document Sherrye Duncan Renovation Shannon Lee 06/16/2021
click for document Stephanie Nicholson Renovation Greenwood Leflore 03/24/2021
click for document Sylvia Longino Renovation Jackson Hinds 04/21/2021
click for document Tiffany Richard Renovation Tupelo Lee 05/10/2021
click for document Victoria or James Pope Renovation Jackson Hinds 05/01/2021

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