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Notification Form Agency Interest Name Activity Type City County Project Start Date
Amanda Cooley Renovation Laurel Jones 04/26/2024
click for document Andranette Bland Renovation Indianola Sunflower 03/29/2024
click for document Angela Perry Renovation New Albany Union 03/25/2024
click for document Angelean Jones Renovation Jackson Hinds 03/25/2024
click for document Arlean Neal Renovation Jackson Hinds 03/19/2024
click for document Bertha Davis Renovation Natchez Adams 04/06/2024
click for document Bettie Pitman Renovation McComb Pike 04/04/2024
click for document Blanche Howard Renovation Scott Bolivar 04/03/2024
click for document Carmella Hart Renovation Lexington Holmes 04/11/2024
click for document Cathey Clanton Renovation Belden Lee 04/12/2024
click for document Clarence Singleton Renovation Jackson Hinds 03/22/2024
click for document Claudine or TC Moore Renovation Bentonia Yazoo 03/21/2024
click for document Daffney Smith Renovation Macon Noxubee 04/15/2024
click for document Darryly Haggan Renovation Clarksdale Coahoma 03/20/2024
click for document Dianne McClure Renovation Jackson Hinds 03/25/2024
click for document Doug Atkinson Renovation Weir Choctaw 04/08/2024
click for document Eliza Jones Renovation Jackson Hinds 04/11/2024
click for document Jacqueline Easley Renovation Columbus Lowndes 04/04/2024
click for document Jeanne Vares Renovation Newton Newton 04/09/2024
click for document Karen Speir Renovation Laurel Jones 04/17/2024
click for document Kathy Brownlow Renovation Greenwood Leflore 04/05/2024
click for document Kimberly Calvert Renovation West Point Clay 03/25/2024
click for document Kimberly Lewis Renovation Beulah Bolivar 04/10/2024
click for document Kizzie Edwards Renovation Greenville Washington 04/12/2024
click for document Lauren Whitehead Renovation Fulton Itawamba 03/25/2024
click for document Lee Bruner Renovation Eupora Webster 04/16/2024
click for document Lela Coleman Renovation Jackson Hinds 04/02/2024
click for document Lillian Campbell Renovation Holly Springs Marshall 04/04/2024
click for document Loriseen Chandler Renovation Jackson Hinds 03/26/2024
click for document Marlinda Lee Renovation Jackson Hinds 04/15/2024
click for document Mary Anthony Renovation Greenwood Leflore 04/15/2024
click for document Maulee Seals Renovation Jackson Hinds 03/20/2024
click for document Naomi Bell Renovation Vicksburg Warren 03/28/2024
click for document Phyllis Hoke Renovation Clarksdale Coahoma 04/19/2024
click for document Randell Rucker Renovation Yazoo City Yazoo 04/01/2024
click for document Ronnie Bailey Renovation Vicksburg Warren 04/16/2024
click for document Rosa Jones Renovation Batesville Panola 04/18/2024
click for document Rosemary Mazique Renovation Natchez Adams 03/20/2024
click for document Sharon Harrell Renovation Crenshaw Panola 03/19/2024
click for document Sharon Young Renovation Terry Hinds 04/09/2024
click for document Shirley Miller Renovation Greenville Washington 03/28/2024
click for document Steve Collins Renovation Jackson Hinds 04/17/2024
click for document Steve Horne Renovation Oxford Lafayette 04/17/2024
click for document Taniesha Anderson Renovation Greenwood Leflore 04/11/2024
click for document Tracy Turnage Renovation Lake Scott 03/19/2024
click for document Trent Franklin Renovation Shelby Bolivar 04/01/2024
click for document Wavis Knight Renovation Osyka Pike 04/11/2024
click for document Whitney Meeks Renovation Laurel Jones 05/01/2024
click for document William Washington Renovation Yazoo City Yazoo 04/01/2024
click for document Willie Erving Renovation Starkville Oktibbeha 03/29/2024
click for document Zachary Cain Renovation Brookhaven Lincoln 03/29/2024

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