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Notification Form Agency Interest Name Activity Type City County Project Start Date
click for document Allison and Scott Hinnant Renovation Laurel Jones 10/05/2021
click for document Andrea or Oliver Flowers Renovation Meridian Lauderdale 10/14/2021
click for document Angie Waters Renovation Pontotoc Pontotoc 10/18/2021
click for document Annie Ducksworth Renovation Laurel Jones 08/06/2021
click for document Annie or William Palmer Renovation Durant Holmes 09/14/2021
click for document Betsy Porter or Kenneth Williams Renovation McComb Pike 09/02/2021
click for document Bettye or Levi Williams Renovation Greenville Washington 09/18/2021
click for document Brandon Beck Renovation New Albany Union 10/18/2021
click for document Brooklyn Hamm Renovation Dennis Tishomingo 09/20/2021
click for document Charles Cole Renovation Jackson Hinds 08/26/2021
click for document Chris Rowan Renovation New Albany Union 09/20/2021
click for document Deanna Donnelly and Scott Livingstone Renovation Laurel Jones 10/06/2021
click for document Derrick Anderson Renovation Byhalia Marshall 09/01/2021
click for document Deunderia or Lonnie Wraggs Renovation Shaw Bolivar 10/06/2021
click for document Duane or Michelle Parker Renovation Laurel Jones 10/12/2021
click for document Ella Russell Renovation Jackson Hinds 08/27/2021
click for document Frank Maniscalco Renovation Perkinston Stone 07/29/2021
click for document Gene or Porsha Taylor Renovation Flowood Rankin 08/21/2021
click for document Gwynn Franklin Renovation Gulfport Harrison 10/04/2021
click for document Hazel Coleman Renovation Jackson Hinds 08/09/2021
click for document Helowee or James Tucker Renovation Jackson Hinds 08/25/2021
click for document Herbert Turner Renovation Jackson Hinds 10/07/2021
click for document Hilary and Thomas Renovation Laurel Jones 10/18/2021
click for document Jerry or Sonya Gross Renovation Jackson Hinds 08/18/2021
click for document Jimmy Stampley Renovation Greenville Washington 08/17/2021
click for document Joshua Hill Renovation Hattiesburg Forrest 08/16/2021
click for document Karen Suggs Renovation Olive Branch Desoto 08/25/2021
click for document Laura Sullivan Renovation Tupelo Lee 09/20/2021
click for document Lee White Renovation Bruce Calhoun 10/18/2021
click for document Lillie Gates Renovation Tupelo Lee 09/29/2021
click for document Lisa or Robert Wilson Renovation Fulton Itawamba 10/08/2021
click for document Lori Brookins Renovation Meridian Lauderdale 08/16/2021
click for document Luke Hanna Renovation Laurel Jones 10/19/2021
click for document Mable Lyons Renovation Vicksburg Warren 10/14/2021
click for document Michael Berl Renovation Biloxi Harrison 09/27/2021
click for document Michael Wickel Renovation Byhalia Marshall 10/04/2021
click for document Minnie or Cecil Ashford Renovation Laurel Jones 09/09/2021
click for document Nicholas Onyshko Renovation Greenwood Leflore 09/06/2021
click for document P Williams Renovation Gulfport Harrison 08/27/2021
click for document Pat Brownson Renovation Tupelo Lee 10/18/2021
click for document Patricia or Lizzie Maybell Renovation Greenville Washington 08/19/2021
click for document Rebekah Staples Renovation Laurel Jones 10/12/2021
click for document Riddell or Mary Moore Renovation Indianola Sunflower 10/06/2021
click for document Scott Stewart Renovation Picayune Pearl River 09/23/2021
click for document Sherrye Duncan Renovation Shannon Lee 08/10/2021

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