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Notification Form Agency Interest Name Activity Type City County Project Start Date
click for document Amanda Miller Renovation Oxford Lafayette 01/07/2022
click for document Anessia Moore Renovation Caledonia Lowndes 11/15/2021
click for document Ardesia Eaton Residence Abatement Hattiesburg Forrest 12/10/2021
click for document Barbara Grays Renovation Columbus Lowndes 11/22/2021
click for document Belinda Bender Renovation Laurel Jones 12/16/2021
click for document Bob & Linda Kaliski Renovation Laurel Jones 01/11/2022
click for document Bonnie Bass Renovation Prentiss Jefferson Davis 10/27/2021
click for document Brandon Beck Renovation New Albany Union 01/10/2022
click for document Charles or Rubalyn Turner Renovation Hattiesburg Forrest 12/18/2021
click for document Daryll or Melanie Gibbs Renovation Laurel Jones 12/17/2021
click for document Debbie Taylor Renovation Columbus Lowndes 11/15/2021
click for document Delia Ashford Renovation Laurel Jones 12/20/2021
click for document Earline Owens Renovation Vicksburg Warren 12/14/2021
click for document Eddie or Marilyn Payne Renovation Clarksdale Coahoma 12/13/2021
click for document Ella Rogers Renovation Starkville Oktibbeha 01/17/2022
click for document Ellen Newsom Renovation Starkville Oktibbeha 11/22/2021
click for document Heather or Drake Collins Renovation Leland Washington 01/12/2022
click for document Helen Williams Renovation Rosedale Bolivar 10/28/2021
click for document Jamie Foster Renovation Ecru Pontotoc 11/08/2021
click for document Janice Tarpley Renovation Baldwyn Lee 11/15/2021
click for document Jessica Shults or Zacorey Dunn Renovation Corinth Alcorn 11/18/2021
click for document Joann Flowers Renovation Greenwood Leflore 11/28/2021
click for document Johnnie Bender Renovation Laurel Jones 11/18/2021
click for document Joshua or Paula Jefferson Renovation Jackson Hinds 12/02/2021
click for document Justin Howe Renovation Tupelo Lee 11/22/2021
click for document Kelly Ates Renovation Sturgis Oktibbeha 11/22/2021
click for document Kevin Shannon Renovation Ackerman Choctaw 11/15/2021
click for document Larry or Davita Kinds Renovation Greenwood Leflore 12/04/2021
click for document Linda Cobb Renovation Canton Madison 12/03/2021
click for document Linda Strong Renovation West Point Clay 11/22/2021
click for document Nicholas Renovation Laurel Jones 01/06/2022
click for document Pamela Johnson Renovation Southaven Desoto 01/10/2022
click for document Patricia Winters Renovation Columbus Lowndes 11/15/2021
click for document Rebecca or Scotty Coates Renovation Rolling Fork Sharkey 11/29/2021
click for document Rhonda Cates Renovation New Albany Union 11/15/2021
click for document Roy Hollis Renovation Steens Lowndes 11/15/2021
click for document Sandra Daniels Renovation West Point Clay 01/10/2022
click for document Shirley Ross Renovation Greenville Washington 11/26/2021
click for document Susie Haynes Renovation Cleveland Bolivar 12/23/2021
click for document Tiffany or Tera Sheriff Renovation Jackson Hinds 01/03/2022
click for document Triangle Development Renovation Natchez Adams 11/03/2021
click for document Truvander or Treadwell Kennedy Renovation Yazoo City Yazoo 12/26/2021

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