Mississippi Asbestos Abatement Certifications

Agency Interest Name Address County Phone License Type License Number Expires
Charles E Alexander Charles Alexander Painting, Inc.
Jackson, MS 39212
Hinds (662) 444-3335 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00007937 11/10/2021
Charles W Anderson Jr. Abatement Contractors of MS Inc
Hattiesburg, MS 39402
Forrest (601) 270-8179 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00003976 10/10/2021
Daryl Anderson Anderson Environmental Services, Inc.
Jackson, MS 39236
Hinds (601) 940-4644 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00002173 10/23/2021
Joseph B Antoine Socrates Garrett Enterprises, Inc.
Jackson, MS 39213
Hinds (601) 212-9555 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00007376 5/16/2021
Joseph Antoine JA Service Troubleshooters
Jackson, MS 39212
Hinds (601) 212-9555 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00001396 5/16/2021
Jimmy Bell Bell Environmental Services LLC
Delta City, MS 39061
Sharkey (662) 873-4551 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00001282 1/12/2022
Eddie Blossman Global Contractors LLC
Carriere, MS 39426
Pearl River (601) 795-3401 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00001162 1/18/2022
Ross Boatright Demolition Specialist, LLC
Taylor, MS 38673
Lafayette (662) 816-8928 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00007778 11/10/2021
Edward A Clay EAC Environmental
Caledonia, MS 39740
Lowndes (662) 386-6386 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00005192 12/30/2021
Jimmy Cobb Graham Roofing, Inc.
West Point, MS 39773
Lowndes (662) 492-9555 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00002229 11/12/2021
Shelton D Cooley Taylor Construction Company
Laurel, MS 39443
Jones (601) 323-5300 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00010382 7/17/2021
Rucker H Culpepper Millsaps Ave, LLC
Brandon, MS 39047
Rankin (601) 613-6992 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00010565 11/20/2021
Kimko Dowels Site Management Assistance, LLC
Meridian, MS 39301
Lauderdale (662) 212-0400 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00010586 12/11/2021
Jeff Evans Eagle Construction
Flowood, MS 39232
Rankin (601) 992-8011 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00001799 3/8/2022
Darius L Forrest 1810 Alta Woods Blvd
Jackson, MS 39204
Hinds (601) 720-5684 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00008477 6/28/2021
Tony R Gardner RAKS Global, LLC
Hattiesburg, MS 39401
Forrest (601) 261-0820 ext.201 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00007819 2/22/2022
Kendrick C Gear 212 Bayou Road
Greenville, MS 38701
Washington (662) 822-2781 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00010074 3/18/2022
James Glenn Clark W. S. "Red" Hancock, Inc.
Bentonia, MS 39040
Yazoo (662) 755-2931 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00010603 12/18/2021
Robert H Johnson C J Asbestos Abatement LLC
Vicksburg, MS 39180
Warren (601) 218-1395 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00005920 9/24/2021
Leroy Jones Jones and Associates Construction and Asbestos , LLC
Holly Springs, MS 38635
Marshall (662) 252-9277 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00005280 1/12/2022
DeJonnette G. King Advanced Environmental Consultants, Inc
Jackson, MS 39202
Hinds (601) 362-1788 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00002431 1/12/2022
Rufus J Kizer Kizer & Sons, LLC
Myrtle, MS 38650
Union (662) 538-4575 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00009225 7/28/2021
Aaron Lee Bestway Abatement
Edwards, MS 39066
Hinds (601) 383-3237 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00002924 11/12/2021
Edward Lesniak Air Environmental
Columbus, MS 39705
Lowndes (662) 242-5387 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00009562 2/26/2022
Charles Lesure Lesure's Excavation & Demolition, Inc.
Greenville, MS 38701
Washington (662) 820-9595 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00001324 1/12/2022
Dennis W. Love Love Trucking & Construction
Jackson, MS 39213
Hinds (601) 940-6884 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00001930 8/28/2021
Gene K. Marchbanks Marchbanks Specialty Co., Inc.
Water Valley, MS 38965
Yalobusha (662) 473-1463 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00001895 2/25/2022
Alfred L Martin Ph.D. Environmental Management Plus, Inc.
Jackson, MS 39286
Hinds (601) 922-1919 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00001568 3/11/2022
Kurt Martin SERVPRO of Tupelo
Tupelo, MS 38803
Lee (662) 690-6502 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00006327 5/6/2021
Martha McGruder Kelley McGruder's Construction, LLC
Jackson, MS 39202
Hinds (601) 559-8428 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00002774 8/14/2021
Brian Parker Advanced Restoration Services
Purvis, MS 39475
Lamar (601) 270-1343 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00009789 12/22/2021
Derek M Patterson MSP Enterprises, LLC
Moselle, MS 39459
Jones (601) 270-3702 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00010679 11/10/2021
Chris C. Pearson Pearson Environmental Services LLC
Byram, MS 39272
Hinds (601) 937-1186 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00005297 2/25/2022
John A. Reid Reid Abatement
Columbia, MS 39429
Marion (601) 441-5290 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00009958 8/28/2021
William C. Shumate Billy Shumate Construction
Collinsville, MS 39325
Lauderdale (601) 934-9337 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00001893 8/28/2021
William H. Stamps Specialty Abatement Services, Inc.
Hattiesburg, MS 394045925
Forrest (601) 264-5550 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00001660 11/10/2021
Stacey M Stowers TRI ARC Management Services
Lena, MS 39094
Leake (214) 850-1264 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00010498 10/9/2021
Laura W Tinsley Century Construction Group, Inc.
Tupelo, MS 38801
Lee (662) 823-5168 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00001887 7/7/2021
Barbara B Vanlandingham Airology
Caledonia, MS 39740
Lowndes (662) 549-1777 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00007368 12/30/2021
Joe Venus Environmental Services, LLC
Hattiesburg, MS 39401
Forrest (601) 408-1005 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00001330 2/12/2022
Richard H Vick Allen Engineering and Science, Inc.
Jackson, MS 39211
Hinds (228) 218-9866 Asbestos Contractor ABC-00010100 2/25/2022

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