Mississippi Lead-Based Paint Certifications

Agency Interest Name Address County Phone License Type License Number Expires
Charles D. Bingham Micro-Methods, Inc.
Ocean Springs, MS 39566
Jackson (228) 875-6420 Lead Inspector PBI-00003690 3/24/2022
Cynthia M. Blockett PO Box 4020
Cleveland, MS 38732
Bolivar (662) 719-7861 Lead Inspector PBI-00001392 6/10/2021
Ross Boatright Demolition Specialist, LLC
Taylor, MS 38673
Lafayette (662) 816-8928 Lead Inspector PBI-00009577 6/10/2021
Maxwell S Bonner Bonner Analytical Testing Company
Hattiesburg, MS 39402
Forrest (601) 264-2854 Lead Inspector PBI-00005314 7/28/2021
Anthony I. Bryant Specialty Abatement Services, Inc.
Hattiesburg, MS 39404
Forrest (601) 264-5550 Lead Inspector PBI-00002491 3/7/2022
Cheri D. Caradine 507 Forest Lake Circle
Jackson, MS 39212
Hinds (601) 260-7383 Lead Inspector PBI-00001986 6/28/2021
Tietti O Chandler Wise 1808 12th Avenue North
Columbus, MS 39701
Lowndes (662) 425-1447 Lead Inspector PBI-00009151 9/12/2021
Matthew N Galloway CTEH
Flowood, MS 39232
Rankin (601) 376-9133 Lead Inspector PBI-00010602 12/27/2021
Charles S. Grant Multi County Community Services Agency, Inc.
Meridian, MS 39301
Lauderdale (601) 938-1161 Lead Inspector PBI-00007779 3/15/2022
Mark L Hughes TVRHA
Corinth, MS 38834
Alcorn (662) 286-8437 Lead Inspector PBI-00008786 11/15/2021
Kristian S King Advanced Environmental Consultants, Inc.
Jackson, MS 39202
Hinds (601) 362-1788 Lead Inspector PBI-00003590 6/18/2021
Erin L Kymes Neel-Schaffer, Inc.
Jackson, MS 39201
Hinds (601) 898-3358 Lead Inspector PBI-00008147 3/3/2022
Aaron Lee Bestway Abatement
Edwards, MS 39066
Hinds (601) 383-3237 Lead Inspector PBI-00001461 8/16/2021
George K. Maranger 1032 South Harmony Road
Crystal Springs, MS 39059
Copiah (601) 576-7917 Lead Inspector PBI-00010251 6/3/2021
Clifford Wayne Meins Micro Methods
Ocean Springs, MS 39566
Jackson (228) 875-6420 Lead Inspector PBI-00001740 3/24/2022
Dorothy B Montgomery 1189 Metcalfe Road
Greenville, MS 38703
Washington (662) 347-7652 Lead Inspector PBI-00008036 12/13/2021
Vance L. Nimrod 323 Central Street
Greenville, MS 38701
Washington (662) 820-9612 Lead Inspector PBI-00001068 6/17/2021
Ron Robinson PO Box 5422
Columbus, MS 39702
Lowndes (662) 574-6594 Lead Inspector PBI-00007787 7/5/2021
Alden B Sanders PPM Consultants, Inc.
Ridgeland, MS 39157
Madison (601) 956-8233 Lead Inspector PBI-00008566 8/23/2021

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